Suggested Reading

Dr. William Bean – Monotheism, Understanding the Trinity

Dr. Richard Booker – The Miracle of The Scarlet Thread, Here comes the Bride, No Longer Strangers and Jesus and The Feasts

Sounds of the Trumpet Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies

Dr. John Garr – Our Lost Legacy, Family Worship and Bless You, God’s Lamp – Men’s Light, Living Emblems, The Hem of His Garment
Hebraic Christian Global Community: Visit Web Store

Dr. Marvin Wilson – Our Father Abraham; The Complete Jewish Bible, Vision for Israel – Visit Store

Dr. Brad Young – Jesus the Jewish Theologian, Paul of Tarsus and Meet The Rabbis.

Gospel Research Foundation

Stephen Missick – The Hammer of God
Rev. Stephen Missick: Click Here

more: Jerry Rassamni – From Jihad To Jesus; Jobst Bitner – Breaking the Veil of Silence; James Carroll – Constantine’s Sword;
Song of Israel

Chris Holloway Ministries

The Crossover Project