Nathaniel Circuit Scholars, Ministers. and Lecturers

In addition to Dr. Sarvadi’s teaching, this fellowship has 3 circuit adjunct professors that teach throughout the year..

Dr.  Brad Young
Dr. Brad H. Young is the founder and President of the Gospel Research Foundation, Inc.  He is a member of the faculty of the Graduate School of Theology at Oral Roberts University serving as Associate Professor of Judaic-Christian Studies. A native of Sapulpa, OK, he received his first degree from ORU.  Receiving both his M. A.and Ph.D at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, Dr. Young has authored numerous books which include “Jesus and His Jewish Parables: Rediscovering the Roots of Jesus’ Teaching.”, “The Jewish Background to the Lord’s Prayer,” “The Parables: Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation,” “Jesus the Jewish Thologian” and, “Paul the Jewish Theologian.” He is married to his wife Gayle and resides in Tulsa, OK.

Dr.  John Garr
Dr. John D. Garr has served the Christian church as theologian, presbyter, and educator for over 40 years, including the past 15 years as Founder and President of Restoration Foundation, an Atlanta-based transdenominational, international, multi-ethnic networking organization focused on publishing and education. His career has been devoted to educating Christians about the historical and theological truth of Christianity’s Hebrew foundations and to promoting rapprochement between the international Jewish and Christian communities. Dr. Garr’s academic credentials include a Masters of Theology degree (summa cum laude), a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Church Administration, and a Doctor of Theology degree from Evangelical Theological Seminary.  Dr. Garr has authored numerous books which include “Our Lost Legacy”, “Bless You”, Feminine By Design, “Co-Equal”, “Living Emblems”, “God’s Lamp, Man’s Light” and many more.  He is married to his wife, Pat and lives in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Richard Booker
Richard Booker, MBA, Ph.D., is an ordained Christian minister, President of Sounds of the Trumpet, Inc., and the Founder/Director of the Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies. He is the author of thirty books which include “The Miracle of The Scarlet Thread”,  “Celebrating Jesus and in the Biblical Feasts”, “No Longer Strangers”, The Lamb and The seven sealed Scroll”, The Overcomers”, and The Victorious Kingdom”. He has also developed many seminars and Bible college level courses and writes regularly for Christian magazines.  He is married to his wife Peggy and resides north of Houston, TX.

The Nathaniel Fellowship is also closely connected to the following speakers and ministers:

Dr. Bron Barkley of Alive Ministries teaches monthly with great insight connecting parashah and gospel and worship.

Barry and Batya Segal, of Vision For Israel, Jerusalem, Israel minister several times a year in teaching and song.

Alyosha and Jodi Ryabinov of Song of Israel minister each Spring in the Word and anointed music.

Rev. Stephen Missick author and minister, comes several times a year teaching the Hebrew Roots of the faith.

Randy Spencer has ministered with his anointed blowing of the shofar.

Dr. Chris and Sasha Holloway minister regularly through the Word and anointed song.

Rozalie Jerome, co-host of the Crossover Show (studio housed within in The Nathaniel Center, Kingwood) that airs in a 30 minute magazine style TV show throughout the world in English, Spanish and Russian has connected to the fellowship by involving us with The annual March Of Remembrance in Kingwood and has also taught at our Sukkot celebrations.