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In prayer recently I heard in my Spirit REVERSE THE CURSE OF THE MAGICIAN! I remembered my pastor had a dream about a magician.  Who is the magician? and What is this curse? First understand the key players that challenge God in the Endtimes. 1. The False Prophet (the Magician) 2. The False Messiah  3. […]

Covering your head, Submitting Your Heart

By Dr. Victoria Sarvadi The kippah is called a yarmulke in Yiddish. It’s a small skull cap worn by Jewish men and boys to demonstrate reverence and submission to God.  The word yarmulke has an inference of awe and reverence to God just as the Hebrew word ‘kippa’ from the word ‘Kippor’ means atonement or […]

The Place of Grace in Judaism and Christianity

By Dr. Victoria Sarvadi The emphasis of grace in the Hebrew Scriptures (Tenach) also called the Old Testament, is demonstrated in verses such as Nehemiah 9:31 which says, “Even so, in Your great compassion, You didn’t completely destroy them, nor did You abandon them, for You are a compassionate and merciful God.” It is also […]

Understanding the Sabbath

By Dr. Victoria Sarvadi I was adopted as an infant so I don’t know much about my biological background. And I wasn’t raised as a Jew but I’ve always had an intrigue with Judaism. I never had a clue as to why until 1997. Then I had an Epiphany! It was then that, Lo and […]

Explaining your faith in Yeshua to a Jew

By Dr. Victoria Sarvadi It’s important that believers in Yeshua be sensitive to God’s first covenant people, the Jews.  We must respect their faith and discuss our faith in Yeshua without an agenda to convert them.  Iron sharpens iron.  Who knows maybe both of us can learn something from the other.  When talking to a […]

How the Torah relates to Christianity

By Dr. Victoria Sarvadi God gave Torah to His covenant people, instructing them on how to walk with Him. Because He saved them and set them apart he gave them detailed instructions on how to live and stay consecrated. There are 613 instructions in Torah compared to 1050 in the New Testament. Somewhere during the […]

What are Tephillin?

By Dr. Victoria Sarvadi The Hebrew people were instructed in Deuteronomy 11:18 this command “Therefore you shall lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.” Since there were no instructions as how […]