Are you a true prophet or prophetess? By Dr. Victoria Sarvadi. THD

The office of a prophet is a distinct calling that some believers are called on to fulfill.  This will be very apparent in the End of Days as God gift’s become apparent and calls on his people to proclaim His coming!  A prophet must realize that nothing is revealed unless God reveals it to His prophets first.  You are the front line.  You must not remain silent!

There are several criteria that determines if one is a prophet or prophetess. If you find yourself with these burdens, be faithful to your calling and advance His Kingdom with the gifts He has given you.

1.  A prophet desires to reveal the nature and attributes of God.  Do you find yourself explaining God’s character to others?  Do you find it necessary to clarify who God really is when He’s described erroneously?

2.  A prophet makes known the ways of God.  Do you want to make known God’s ways and clarify His Words of Instruction?  Are you burdened when you see people struggling with God’s laws and precepts? Does it hurt you to see God not in His rightful place in people’s hearts? A prophet desires to call people back to God. There is a pain in the heart of a prophet as he or she sees a nation, a people or an individual moving away from God.  He or she desires to warn nations or individuals of God’s judgement.

3.  A true prophet is an exhorter and encourager. He or she is motivated out of love and concern for the souls of men. A prophet always emphasizes obedience in LOVE!  A true prophet ALWAYS exhorts God’s people reminding them of His faithfulness and His love for them.  They emphasize his grace and mercy to those who are stumbling.  They always encourage even with a hard rebuke .

4.  A true prophet is obedient to the nudging of the Holy Spirit. They will not be silent if God is placing a Word on their hearts.  He or she also speaks forth the prophecies into the Heavenlies in their right time by the unction of the Spirit in POWER to bring about the fulfillment of the prophets of old.

5. Prophets desire and encourage God’s people to worship.  They do this because they are true worshippers themselves desiring to touch the heart of God.

6. A prophet is a watcher on the wall.  He looks for the signs of His coming.  He or she hears the Word of God concerning future events and feels the need to warn others so that none will perish.God will speak to His prophets firstnbefore He performs His Word.

7. A prophet desires to tell the Gospel of the Kingdom and the coming of Messiah who will rule and reign over all creation. Emphasizing the message of Hope and restoration of all things.

8. A prophet desires to write down the things that God is showing, teaching  or telling him (or her).

9. A true prophet is mindful to operate by the Spirit and in His Power, that is in His Name.  He or she is sensitive to the correction of the Spirit when found operating in the flesh. He or she is aware of their weaknesses and desires repentance. They must stay in check for pride or false humility.

10. A prophet is a believer in Yeshua and understands that He or she is a Jew inwardly, being grafted in to the rich Olive tree of Israel and a beneficiary of the covenant and commonwealth of Israel.

11. A true prophet will be vindicated as the Word of the Lord comes to pass in fulfillment in its right time.

12. A true prophet will never teach rebellion against God, His Word or His people..

13. A true prophet will recognize that the 12 points above have been evident in their lives.  They will respond to this calling by allowing the Holy Spirit to manifest through them as an instrument in the earth as he or she advances the Kingdom of God and does their part in the End Times.